Power Controller

BSP-32HL-40WF / BSP-32HL-60WF / BSP-32VR-40WF / BSP-32VR-60WF

· Input voltage: AC110V and AC220V two selection.
Output voltage: DC24V and DC32V two selection.
For your proper usage, please see following specifications.

· Power switch: ON/OFF indicator. Two kinds of voltage output: Hi & Lo.

· BSP-32HL/32VR-60WF is kind of intelligence controller runned by power. Input of 100V-240V by AC power source allows 100V-120V and 220V-240V be acceptable. Smaller size, light weight and easy to use.

· BSP-32HL-40WF/60WF means output with two, 32V and 20V, for users to choose.
BSP-32VR-40WF/60WF means it can be freely adjusted, from output 32V to 20V, to meet the needs of certain work by users.

· As voltage of SKP is adjusted below 32V or LO, the electric frequency will be lowered either so that the torque of electric screwdrivers can’t be worked out except below scals of 4.

· All power controller are equiped load LED, green for underload, red for overload.

· Equipped with grounding device for eliminating static shock and anti-EMC.

· Equiped with USA plug (equiped with Chinese 3-pin plug, UK plug or European plug etc.)