Screw Counter


· Slow-Start function is able to set rotation speed and timing, it allows electric screwdriver to start under very low speed and stop at a normal speed.

· Slectable auto-reset retrieval or manual reset retrieval for setting screw count.

· BSP-C32HL enhances the auto-identifying screw fastening time mode, allow user to aim at simulating the duration of specific screw fastening.

· Displaying the number of unfinished screw count, user can add external sensor switch to prevent any operation error from overlooking screws job. Buzzer sounds automatically while fastening job is done as screw setting number to notify user the job is accomplished. Internal signal for detecting screw count is also able to connect external device.

· BSP-C32HL is capable of equipping with output and input signal, such function is suitable for semi or full automatic assembly line to keep operator from improper operation and make an accurate circulation through the signal of sensor.

· Enable to connect with external PLC system to streamline production line. Calculate the screws numbers to be fastened by fastened by computer to avoid any unnecessary neglect of screw fastening.

· BSP-C32HL provides with +32V/+20V of DC voltage, if user requires such power source, it can be connected to V+ and COM terminal, and then connect tp controlling PLC.

· Input Voltage range from AC100V to 240V.