DC-Type Automatic Screwdrivers

BSD-8000 Series

· Low-voltage automatic clutch electric screwdrivers with power controllers, can keep long-time operation, high stability, no influence by fluctuated voltage.

· Be operated with torque fixing (KC-2) most applied to office machines, PC and peripheral optional.

· High technology motor, made by extra strong magenet, fast start and low electric currency, Fan amd vent let motors fast heat emission, low temperature for successive using.

· Clutch is made by alloy steel materials from Japan, solid and endurance, fatique-resistant, high stability and longer life.

· Percisive torque, torque adjusted from small to large, stepless, stable, fast speed, easy operation and high working efficiency.

· Any screws and sockets can be used. As fastened screws reach pre-set torque, clutch will be automatically stop as well.