YAG Laser Welding Machine

This machine is a high-performance pulse YAG laser welding machine. It is mainly used for welding metal materials. It has beautiful and solid welding spots, small heat affected zone, high efficiency and low costs.

· The industrial “T” shaped engine base reserves 120mm height between laser focus and working table for fixture and processing parts installation. With adjustable height and scientific and reasonable design, the machine is easy to operate;
· Equipped with intelligent protection device, it will shut off automatically when laser water cooling system has a failure;
· With high reliability, it can be operated continuously in 24 hours and meet the demands of mass processing and production;
· Customize special machines according to customer requirements.

It is suit for precision repair, and it has been successfully applied in welding and repairing rubber mold, glass mold, machinery It is suit for welding gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and their alloys. It has been widely used in aviation, weapons, vessels, petrifactions, home appliances, medical treatment, instruments, electronics, automobile industry and so on.