Mold Laser Welding Machine

The mold laser welding machine utilizes precise welding technology to weld and repair tiny broken parts of molds, such as crack, sand hole and breakage, in order to make up the shortages of traditional argon arc welding.

· Small spot size and heat range, no mold deformation and color change, no gas pore and collapse after welding, can be grinded to polished surface;
· Avoid thermal strain and post-processing, greatly save production cycle of molds and shorten the order processing cycle;
· Good cooling performance, the useful life of xenon lamp is 2-3 times than the similar products in the country;
· Customize special machines according to customer requirements.

It is suit for precision repair, and it has been successfully applied in welding and repairing rubber mold, glass mold, machinery mold and blanking die in automobile, machinery manufacturing, mobile phone, glass and plastics industry. It can also be used for special stands, three-dimension table and pedal switch board combination.