Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine (Energy Feedback)

The optical fiber transmitting laser welding machine is composed of welding main body and welding bench. The series welding machines are made available in various benches to meet the requirements of different customers.

· With first-class “energy feedback technology”, the optical fiber transmitting laser welding machine can control laser output power fluctuation within 3% and ensure stability of laser output power, so as to improve welding repeatability, reduce unqualified products and save the costs for enterprises;
· With multiple beams process simultaneously, the welding speed is improved obviously. So customers can complete processing orders efficiently with good quality in a minimal amount of time;
· The welding depth-to-width ratio can go up to 10:1, the welding spot is smooth and beautiful, flat and pore-free. Without any treatment after welding, or just with some simple processing, it can reduce labor intensity;
· No specific equipment for welding environment, it can work with some refractory materials, such as titanium, quartz, at room temperature or special conditions;
· Customize special machines according to customer requirements.

It is widely used in optical communication devices, IT, medical treatments, electronics, batteries, fiber coupled components, CRT monitor electron guns, metal parts, cell phone motors, clock precision parts, automobile lamps, etc.