Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine

With the top configuration and international first-class quality, HGLASER continuous fiber laser welding machine has precision welding technology, high performance-price ratio and perfect after-sale service, which wins unanimous praise and gets a good market from all over the world. The continuous fiber laser welding machine is composed of welding mainframe and welding workbench. This series has many workbenches to meet different demands of customers.

· Good laser beam quality, fast welding speed, stable and beautiful welding joints;
· Welding depth-to-width ratio can up to 10:1, smooth and beautiful welding spots, good properties in strength and toughness, without treatment after welding or just with some simple treatment, reduce the labor intensity of workers;
· High electro-optic conversion rate, low energy consumption, save a lot of processing costs for customers in long-term use;
· High reliability, operated continuously in 24 hours, meet the demands of mass processing and production;
· Customize special machines according to customer requirements.

It is suit for gold, silver, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum and the alloys. It can implement precision between the same metals and dissimilar metals. It has been widely used in aerospace equipments, shipbuilding, instruments, mechanical and electrical products, automobile manufacturing and other industries.